Friday, February 25, 2005

why we love msn and 2.25.05

copied from it really speaks for itself.

Quiz: Are you too quirky to date?

By Analise Pendergast

Good for you: You’re one in a million with your individual style and unusual interests. But are you such an enigma that you come off as weird or wacky? Or are you a one-of-a-kind gem that’s poised to charm the pants off the right person with your eccentric sensibilities? Take this fun quiz to find out just where you fall on the quirky scale (and what that means for your love life).

1. Seen any good movies lately?
* Yes, the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I give it four stars. (Score = 1)
* Yes, an underground experimental historical re-enactment shot in handheld Super-8. (Score = 4)
* No, all of the new movies are schlock. You only watch the classics. (Score = 2)
* No, you don’t believe in watching movies. (Score = 3)

2. When getting dressed for a party, you’re most likely to wear:
* Some fabulous get-up – maybe something in red leather, a boa, or leopard-print shoes. (Score = 4)
* Something nice but not flashy – maybe one of your work outfits. (Score = 1)
* Whatever you already happen to have on – maybe jeans and a T-shirt. (Score = 3)
* A 1940’s vintage silk suit you got at an antique auction. (Score = 2)

3. You were late for your date because:
* One of your ferrets escaped from its cage and you couldn’t get it out from under the couch. (Score = 3)
* You had to stay late at the office to finish up a project for your boss. (Score = 1)
* Traffic was backed up due to an accident on the highway. (Score = 2)
* What time is it, anyway? You don’t wear a watch. (Score = 4)

4. You believe that dating is:
* Potentially great, if you’ve met the right person. (Score = 2)
* Nerve-wracking but necessary. (Score = 1)
* Bogus. (Score = 4)
* Something you don’t really have time for. (Score = 3)

5. Are you normal?
* Yes, pretty much. (Score = 1)
* Absolutely not! (Score = 4)
* You can come off as normal, but you’re really quite unique inside. (Score = 2)
* Can’t answer that. Who’s to say what’s normal, anyway? (Score = 3)

Your score
4-8 points: You tend to follow the rules, play it safe, and do what’s expected of you. Just make sure you’re not squelching your individuality in favor of towing the line and blending in. Take a chance on letting your unique light shine through a little more, and let that prospective match see what sets you apart from the crowd.

9-12 points: You’re in touch with your quirks and you wear them well. You champion your individuality, while also being perfectly adept at walking in step with the modern world. You have no trouble attracting attention with your elegant blend of savior faire and je ne sais quois.

13-16 points: When it comes to quirkiness, you’re the gold standard. A genuine Type-Q personality, you live by your own rules, and dance to your own groove — sometimes to a fault. Don’t get so wrapped up in your own little world that you forget to keep your eye out for that simpatico nonconformist who’ll compliment your idiosyncrasies perfectly with a signature set of quirks all his own.

17-20 points: You actively cultivate quirkiness, always checking to make sure you’re NOT doing the same thing anyone else is doing. Just be sure your eccentricities are genuine and not ramped up for shock value purposes. A rare bird like you possesses enough natural magnetism to turn plenty of heads, so there’s no need to try too hard and risk coming off as a poser.

i was big on the 3's and 4's but i am only the gold standard. damnit, i am too close to being a typical toolbag. time to go cultivate some quirks.


mjunior said...

Me too. Maybe I should get those leopard-print shoes I have been to wussy to buy. Maybe that boa in UMass maroon or Carolina Blue.

neverecho said...

16, of course.

eben said...

65! i am some kind of quirky.