Friday, February 18, 2005

Hm. 2.18.05

i missed last night's oc, what happened? recaps, please. will watch on video. going to help eben move. uh, right now. i should have left. it's cold out.


Erica said...

ok, well, here is what happened:

alex invites marissa to a party with all her visiting friends, who are straight out of the l-word. marissa tries to tell summer she's a lesbian and chickens out, then sees the lesbian party and chickens out some more. finally, she tells summer, and they hug, and summer hopes that it isn't turning marissa on. then marissa goes back and tells alex and they go off to be lesbians together.

seth is distraught because the thinks zach and summer did it. he asks zach, zach won't tell him, zach calls summer, summer goes over to seth's and yells at him for butting in, but then tells him they didn't do it. because zach is waiting till marriage, except he's not anymore, now he's just waiting till tuscany. but summer had actually changed her mind at the last minute anyway because she still likes seth, except she can't admit it.

caleb wants to formally adopt lindsay. julie freaks out at the potential loss of millions and tells him he needs to get a paternity test. lindsay's mom, meanwhile, tells ryan that she isn't sure who lindsay's dad is. ryan and her mom try to convince lindsay not to go through with it, but in the end it doesn't matter because caleb decides he does need a paternity test and lindsay runs from the room screaming "my real father wouldn't do this to me!"

sandy is a fuckface. kirsten goes to rebecca, rebecca admits she loves sandy, kirsten orders her out of town in a nice way, rebecca leaves, and sandy gets all righteous on kirsten, as though she is wrong to want that fat zombie out of their lives.

next week: it rains! sandy and rebecca get in a car accident, seth begs summer not to get on the plane to tuscany and do it with zach.

monkistan said...

thanks for the update!

Pico said...

erica you are the bomb for three reasons (and many others):

- kim delaney has turned into a fat zombie. i love realism in tv, and women who are not emaciated on tv, but i watch the oc for unadulterated hotness and i'll tolerate mischa on the side.

- your livejournal string on the episode.

- providing me with an excellent recap. rock. thanks!