Wednesday, February 02, 2005

groundhog rumble 2.2.05

plus, the birthdays of arroz the rice-a-homie + magstar + rafi

the groundhogs are at odds: pennsylvania's punxatawney phil on the left sees his shadow and staten island chuck on the right does not.


i'm going with our tough local groundhog chuck. but here are some questions about groundhogs:

do the groundhogs get stage fright?

are they playing to the crowd?

what if they don't want to come out?

are they all messed up the day after a leap year?

don't they hate it when mayors hold them up to spectators?

are there female groundhogs?

does chuck have the support of the fire and police departments?

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mjunior said...

So, the Texas boy brought a friend over yesterday to help him move out. He was one of "those guys". And, when Dylan mentioned that is was Groundhog Day, he commented, "Wow, it's early this year."