Tuesday, February 22, 2005

nose-talguh. 2.22.05

i am having nostalgic moments. but since i like to kick the tires and take swings at convention and pee on the sidewalks, my nostalgia consists of thinking back on how "i haven't changed for the better," or how "we weren't that happy together," or "shitcan, my hair looked stupid back then." i have always been this self-effacing, yes.

i started this post because i was going to embark on a personal history tour-- dorky and so like the blogs i hate. but then i started to bore MYSELF and i think instead i will finish the book i am reading on homeland security and how it's a bit of a boondoggle-- because our autrhor is one of those "get the gov't out of my business at all costs" types.

hey, pawsox + wondertwin (kung fu croft just will not work) raycrofts: you know that lecture i was going to? it was cancelled. but our client didn't tell us. i could have finished whooping up on the pheel-deez and the idiot sox (or the yank-deez) instead of hauling ass cityside. niiiiice.

looking back on the past three paragraphs, i believe i will delve into my past. but finding my past is an adventure; my room is a mess and the past is of course densely packed away. i couldn't find college; and i know either silver or jaime or someone else asked to see a picture of me in some past iteration.

so i found:

lots of cd's that i subsequently toppled onto the floor.

pictures on a cd! but they were "special" pictures. i appreciate them but not what i was looking for.

new year's 2000-01.

thucka. it's a secret.

that it's all fun and games before you put on the lemonheads.

but i will leave you with two things:

1. a nostaliga mix tape is in the offing. that probably only pawsox and hetha will really dig.
2. because someone was asking for it (silver? jaime?), a picture of me back when i was pretty and had dreads.

holmes lounge1


mjunior said...

Oh mighty Giambi! Look at those arms! I take it that was taken when you were using 'the cream'!

Acutally, I'm not sure if that is you are young Ricky Williams the Longhorn!

heathalouise said...

ooh! ooh! tracklisting please....

Did you see that I signed up for baseball? Massholes, represent!

neverecho said...

oh god, i almost forgot...

monkistan said...

it was not me. i remember what you looked like in college.