Friday, February 25, 2005

no longer welcome in the red states. 2.25.05

let's get you out of these wet clothes.

some brilliant person was hooked on the idea of having an 8 pm meeting. and then it snowed. i travelled into manhattan and back again. it's damned cold outside. damned cold.

i am hooked again. wow. the spider man kiss is so brilliant. i can't even step to that. it's a moment-- and apparently i am alone in this-- where i think to myself, "i should just stop writing because i will never ever top that set-up." i am watching the oc on tape at 1 am and i just squealed. also, i want the sprite car. i love sprite. someone, please tell me what's poppin' on next week's OC.

the opening scene was priceless. the rain? the confusion about what to do with rain? amazing.

julie cooper calling not-having-breakfast punk? the makeout behind momma? marissa has seriously developed a personality, charm, appeal! though that bony sex thing, it's like two skeletons going at it. don't they cut each other with elbows? i love how mischa's character has become an actual teen. the belief that everything is forever, perhaps; the feeling that much of the world is against her except one person who seems a little ambivalent about her role is marissa's life. marissa's a little intense. a little... needy? but hell, alex' hair looks mad hot! and seth's reaction, the eye-rub? priceless. i don't have analysis. i just need a few minutes alone. no one knock on the door.

all better.

lindsay playing the clarinet? lindsay is caleb's daughter? lindsay's going to chicago? she's going to hang out with fieser and deb? can we get ryan a girlfriend who stays in the oc?

now... kids know boys II men, still? i love summer, but kids know motownphilly? the mention of the knockoff reality show (the real oc or whatever) but calling it the valley? sweet. the look of hurt on zach's face was priceless; i think he's a milquetoast but that made me sad.

the boat, in retrospect, is a little small to travel all the way up the left coast, isn't it? just saying. the seth-summer overdrive has run a bit long, but i love rachel bilson's slightly raspy voice. in the movie of my life, erica, rachel can play you. have we ever seen or heard about her parents?

and is she into little boys? creepy.

i hope rebecca's bags were waterproof.

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Erica said...

ohmygod awesome.

summer's parents or rachel's parents?