Sunday, February 06, 2005

the warmth of february 2.6.05

friday night, magstar's party got me drunk as it does every year. i had met pq for drinks at the belgian bar in the city, and ate faux-meat at a vegetarian place, and dipped down to brooklyn to see all the kids and wish mags a happy 30.

i love groundhogs' day as much as the next person but damn, i have got to leave clinton hill one year halfway to sober versus three sheets to the wind. the whole sleeping on the train, stumbling into doors, drunk emailing, hung over till the next evening thing, i'm too old for that shit, like danny glover says.

but what a bangin' party. as usual, all the friends are there, and a couple of people i haven't seen in years, like spencer, who i believe was our programming director at our college radio station... i can't remember, he's just spencer. and yelling about emo bands with tanner, while eben was having his fashionista time with jermaine dupri and getting flatulence from harold reynolds and/ or john kruk.

eben, you could have been hanging with sixo and the rice-a-homie and eugene and sharma and the three sisters dunsmuir and these kids seth and martha... but you've seen it before. it was all good, but you've seen it before.

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