Wednesday, February 23, 2005

that late 80's- early 90's playlist. 2.23.05

i am a patient boy. i wait i wait i wait i wait i wait... everybody's moving, everybody's moving, everybody's moving moving moving moving. - fugazi, waiting room

i've taken some liberties with the timing and i have no flippin' idea when the cop shoot cop song came out. i will look it up after doing some homework. but mostly the music is from the above period. i didn't go as far as tsunami and the spinanes and the poster children though i have been listening to said bands recently. if you want a copy i might oblige you in the near future.

i left tanya donnelly off because she sucks. i can go into my theory that she is actually a talent sinkhole. it's the big eyes. really, i can write a post on her.

* poor eddie money. and the human league. and a flock of seagulls and bryan ferry. a little out of time. and modern english and bobby brown and father mc. i don't have jesus jones or emf or bad brains. i did put on a girls against boys' song (i would have preferred disco 666).

left off: there is no public enemy, cypress hill, alice in chains, screaming trees, catherine wheel, mc lyte, oaktown 3-5-7, soundgarden, liz phair, slick rick, epmd, afghan whigs, beastie boys, teenage fanclub, sunscreem ... and of course no stone roses. nor any voluptuous horror of karen black. or k7 and the c+c music factory. and i never really knew red cross.

choosing between the fugazi songs waiting room and reclamation sucked. eliminating INXS was hard. and jane's addiction's ted, just admit it wouldn't fit. maybe... a remainders cd...

i can't find the band best kissers in the world online or in stores. but, here is a best kissers story. it is 1992 or so and i am looking for their full length album. i walk into HMV on 86th and Lex- now a best buy- during lunch with my friend and ask the woman behind the counter if she had the best kissers in the world. you try it at home and slur your r. she stared at me to see if i was serious and i realized she thought it was a come on. i apologized. i should have asked her if the line worked.


1. the cult * fire woman
2. brand nubian * punks jump up to get beat down
3. cop shoot cop * last legs
4. the jesus and mary chain * head on
5. fishbone * sunless saturday
6. masta ace * sittin on chrome
7. jane's addiction * no one's leaving
8. king's x * it's love
9. dinosaur jr * puke + cry
10. ned's atomic dustbin * walking through syrup
11. biz markie * nobody beats the biz
12. lush * leaves me cold
13. the pixies * hang wire
14. nirvana * son of a gun
15. the dead milkmen * punk rock girl
16. ministry * the missing
17. danzig * not of this world
18. fugazi * waiting room
19. sugar * changes
20. velocity girl * audrey's eyes
21. the mighty mighty bosstones * they came to boston


1. siouxsie & the banshees * kiss them for me
2. luscious jackson * let yourself get down
3. the sundays * here's where the story ends
4. the lemonheads * it's a shame about ray
5. cracker * low
6. morphine * candy
7. swv * love will be right here
8. a tribe called quest * i left my wallet in el segundo
9. soul asylum * nice guys (don't get paid)
10. digital underground * freaks of the industry
11. jane child * don't wanna fall in love
12. ralph tresvant * sensitivity
13. swervedriver * duel
14. fine young cannibals * she drives me crazy
15. st. johnny * down the drain
16. the escape club * wild wild west
17. johnny kemp * just got paid
18. ween * push th' little daisies
19. girls against boys * click click


heathalouise said...

Wow, I thought I was the only person/dork in the world who dug "Nice Guys (Don't Get Paid)." I love that song. I can't believe you also included Jane "Nice nose ring/ear chain combination" Child.

But leaving out INXS? Damn, that's cold...

Pico said...

dude. that's like my favorite song. has been for, what, almost 15 years? i thought jane child was awesome and i thought inxs was too pop for the mix. but i really wanted to put "need you tonight" or "never tear us apart" on there. and the human league too.

i think you should do one too, heather.

neverecho said...

ooh! will you make me a copy for this weekend? and my vegas mix? pretty please?

mjunior said...

Most excellent, my friend. I will have to give you some of my old radio show tapes, they are very funny. Man, you think I have a gay side now, you should have heard me on the air in Amherst!

Oh, interesting you chose "Kiss them for Me" (which is fantastic) over "Peek-a-boo" which is still my favorite because it just scared people.

I couple of favorites from that time:
1.) The Screaming Blue Messiahs "I wanna be a Flinstone"
2.) PiL's "Disapointed"?
3.) Fishbone's "Sunless Saturday"

Did you ever listen to The New Fast Automatic Daffodils? Or, 24-7 Spyz?

Pico said...

1. yes, echo, you can get a copy.

2. i have actually never heard the screaming blue messiahs. i really really hated PiL. a lot. the daffodils i don't know but i almost went to see 24-7 spyz.

and i left out living colour. hm. and the supreme love gods' single. so many bands, so much dorky time.

Anonymous said...

school of fish, "3 strange days." hello?

and dont forget the rush album to end all rush albums-- 1992's "counterparts."

glad to see king's X up there. but no primus? jerry was a motherfucking racecar driver, motherfucker!

We hung out w/ schneider last nite @ Royale in park slope; good time, fun music for the most part but then this ex-college-DJ type (I know, i know, a statement cloaked in self-loathing) started playing all this Manchester shit... it was the happy mondays that made me think that, #1, the proliferation of CD players @ clubs now means that every Paul Sovigny motherfucker thinks he's a DJ, and #2, that once you hit your late 20's you're irrelevant.

I mean, shit, the happy fucking mondays?????????

Anonymous said...

by "anonomous," I meant "sharma"