Sunday, February 13, 2005

whiskey fisticuffs 2.13.05

friday was a night of hurtin'. after a project meeting i swing by a happy hour-- i was invited by soldati and there were cheap drinks. cheap, strong drinks. stiff like a boxer's fist. coupled with starla and lauren, eric s and marea, and victor an flor-- here's where i take a departure. every time i am with victor and flor and soldati, i end the evening stumbling to remember what i had planned to do and drinking water to stave off a hangover. hm. coincidence?

i kept running outside to answer my phone or to make calls. rini had flown in to town on family business, pawsox raycroft was nearby checking out the rock and roll, niffer was wondering what was up, ali-pack was drumming up some weekend business, and my mad lovely classmate lana-p was also at a rock show down about east broadway. the wind was strong and i wanted to catch up on accounting homework, do some writing, not hemorrhage cash money.

but the whiskey did its trick, and being with the kids is sticky. we went down to DBA and then i moved to 12 inch to pick up ps raycroft and dave and the lovely jaime who was staring into space as she does when tired. very cute. we took her to port authority and got her on a packed bus to dirty jerz.

onward, social soldiers.

rini's party was fun. it wasn't rini's party. it wasn't even gabi's party. i think it was a guy named sandip's party. filled with 23 year olds. trying too hard, being both clumsy and socially precocious. talking yang and meeting by the drinks. i stayed back and watched ps raycroft finally meet the famed and stunning rini/ gabi sisterhood, which you will read more about on his site. along with gabi's friend sarah who has a great laugh. but she lives in boston.

at 3 am, ps and i were in a pizza place, closing up, in the quiet of the upper west side. the street was dark and the place was empty of people and toilet paper. dammit. i skipped dinner in all the excitement and had the stumbles. i had also skipped out on calling niffer and letting her know rini was in town. i am a heel.

but yes, 3 am and trying to eat, fancy-clad blondes stumble in and make demands at the woman behind the counter. or of the counter itself. they were in worse shape than i. and an apparition appears-- three brown-haired women, one curly/ one long and straight/ one short and spiky, at the window, doing some dance and running like the dickens.

i miss the rini/ gabi sisterhood. gabi may receive a fung-wah visit in the near future. and i wish i'd brought my camera.

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mjunior said...

I wish you had it too. I so wanted to post a group photo.