Sunday, February 06, 2005

southpaw saturday night 2.6.05

uhm... uh...

that was nuts.

here is ali-pack's website with pictures of many of us. describing how me and her and rizzle and cappy and later the rice-a-homie and the three sisters dunsmuir and... there was a lot of wild dorky dancing. as pack would say-- that's my jam!

i'll add these bits:

- good to see wesley and jamie who know the dj's and throw bangin' wash heights parties. they had a lot of tequila in them and it showed.

- made a pair of new friends, the wild dancing peter with the rotating hip style and katelind, who i think was his ladyfriend... she wanted me to teach her how to dance, and i was trying to get her to simply let loose. i was waiting for cappy who had called from nearby, and waited on the line for 20 minutes outside. and the mary jane girls' in my house came on. which i can't help but get down to.

so i made it out to the dance floor, and started getting it going next to these two kids (who looked like seth and martha but were not). katelind kept stopping and going, wow, i can't do that! there was the usual "i'm a white girl, i can't move my hips" argument which i don't believe in, and the requisite "but i have junk in the trunk" comment, and we were all a-dancing.

peter made nice with ali pack and rizzle when they came in-- there are pictures-- and katelind and i made friends too. hopefully i will be able to link up with the pair of them at some point.

- pq rolled in with her energetic friends and danny, who i think should have rolled up behind the pair of ladies who were singing behind us. just saying.

- the rice-a-homie stepped in with eugene and the three sisters dunsmuir. he left, eugene left, and magstar left leaving me and two sisters dunsmuir to dance it up, close the place down, and shake our heads at the preponderance of medleys-- the michael jackson medley (one verse and chorus/ song) and the hard rock medley (completely wrong and exactly like another set one sister dunsmuir had seen from the same dj).

more to come. hope you enjoyed the superbowl. i'll take notes.


Anonymous said...

Norman, I like your sweaty pits.

Pico said...

who likes my sweaty pits?

fauxrean said...

It's just me, Norman. Don't get all hot and bothered.