Thursday, February 17, 2005

part of the workout plan 2.17.05

this post is particularly unexciting. it's meant for my vegas partner in crime.

i don't have so much time today; so the half hour swim, which would consist of at least:

2x 50 freestyle warm up
1x 50 breaststroke warm up

2x 100 breaststroke
1x 100 freestyle
2x 100 breastroke (faster)

1x 50 freestyle
2x 200 -or- 1x500 breastroke

1x 100 breastroke cool down
1x 50 freestyle cool down

will wait for another day. i intend to do this every other day; working in more freestyle (which takes a lot out of me).

instead, i did:

3x push ups (20)
1x crunches- 30 left, 30 right, 50 center
3x quad sit (where you sit against a wall as if a chair was under you, but i do not remember the proper name), 20 second count
3x calf raises (55)


neverecho said...

you're so hard core. and i'm feeling super guilty about drinking a cappuccino right now. south beach tomorrow. and ouch. my knees hurt. fucking yoga.

fieser said...

you two are like greek gods! so strong, supple, svelt, and sexy...

gulshan said...

breaststroke, then breaststroke faster... then do some swimming.