Tuesday, February 15, 2005

pass the sunglasses. and the courvoisier. 2.15.05

* in the next three weeks you'll read about creating a nickname for the lovely bride emily and pico and echo getting into shape. or increasing our hot factor. after all, there is wedding nookie and pools in vegas.

funny thing. i accidentally slept for 7 hours last night. and it's sunny. and i feel great. maybe there's something to all that, hm? next time i'll even work in three meals in a day and exercise.


so echo and i are going to las vegas in about 3 weeks. sho' nuff i'm excited, i have never been. the best chance i would have had was back in college. spring break '98, when eben and chatty sue and some other folkers went to the gambling oasis for a week. i thought a week was too much, i don't gamble, i didn't have that much money, and i wanted to see my aunts and old roommate pavel.

i hear that after 4 days and the star trek experience they were all tuckered out.

but me and my little brown neverecho are going west to a town built by gangsters. following the trail of so many before us. we're going to arrive in cheap colored sunglasses and white clothes and attitude. and as some of you have seen by email or heard over the phone-- we need help.

here is a bit of an email i sent out:

we'll be there from wednesday - saturday afternoon. and we need activities. specifically, we need a nightclub to go to on wednesday night. so i'm asking for your help, and advice, on places in vegas. i'm thinking i dig on places that aren't too sleazy.

think of a place you like, tell me what you like about it, what kind of music/ dj's are in the spot, if it's chi-chi (shiny shirts and space age decor) or chill, if it's a place where the cool tourists go, et cetera-- anything that might help our decision.

we have gotten some helpful info-- the best so far has been from coast guard rob-- but we are always looking for more. hit up them comments.


mjunior said...

Never been? I didn't realize that. Ok, whatever you do...do not take the porn flyers! You're gonna want to, just for the comedy, but seriously, just say no. You will thank me later! Let me get some scoop from Shoof in LA. He knows the place better than me. I seem to get stuff watching basketball games! (Man, you are going to be there for the ACC tourney! How are you and Echo actually going to do anything?)

neverecho said...

um, pico, i'm totally down with the cheap sunglasses, but what do you really think the chances of me showing up in something white are?

Greg said...

"Ra" in the Luxor is a nice little spot. I went there the night I turned 21. I only wonder what it's like with friends. Show up early.