Friday, February 11, 2005

the straw stirs the drink again 2.11.05

daryll strawberry returns to the mets as a spring training instructor. that makes me happy. the mets have turned their back on their more "controversial" stars-- doc gooden, strawberry, to promote assbags like keith hernandez and gary carter. they're all part of the family, and a good baseball organization keeps its people involved.

last night's oc made me yawn. i called the death scene on the bench but WOW. i never saw the sandy kiss coming. WOW.


monkistan said...

ok the sandy plot is totally lame. and the lesbian kiss wasn't as good as it could have been. if the show was in spice it ould be better! do you think that summer's dude is gay?

mjunior said...

Man, I wish Alex to hook up with Summer! Marissa is too lame. I can't believe it took 3 weeks for that shiet to happen...and I do believe they showed that in the preview! Don't they watch '24'? Do you see what Jack Bauer can do in 3 episodes! Man!

I do like the Caffinated Cohen Monster. He is fun and painful to watch. Like Mikey calling Nicky seven times in Swingers. Bash your whiskey bottle over your head in agony to distract you from the pain.