Thursday, February 03, 2005

devils and deacons. 2.3.05

sniffles. not thinking straight, so basketball + smallville filled the evening

on my way to see the rice-a-homie before his roller skating party, and while writing up accounting homework, i came to a realization. the coughing fit i'd had two nights previous wasn't an isolated incident. the fatigue and occasional phlegminess was not isolated to the day before.

dammit. i was sick. all stuffed up, tried the salt water technique but that only works well when your nostrils can open. i decided to get some medicine and put my groggy, slightly dizzy ass to rest.

so of course, i watched basketball. specifically, i watched st. mary's (ca)/ univ san fransisco, louisville/ cincinnati, st. john's/ rutgers, and wake/ duke. it was hazy until the 9.00 pm duke/ wake tilt, which wake forest won, 92-89. some moments from the game, along with a look ahead to the ncaa tournament:

- the pass of the year wasn't even converted to a score. running down the floor, chris paul, fresh off of his technical foul, drives to the free throw line. his forward is in front, under the basket. paul's man defends his right hand, blocking the pass. so paul, in stride, switches to the left and bounce passes to his forward, who is fouled. should have made the shot.

- i love wake. love 'em. i have followed the team since i started following college ball again, when tim duncan was there (1997 or so). i've wanted them to be better than ugly ACC stepsisters. and they've been close, so close. this year they have the best team they have ever had:

2 incredible, NBA level guard in chris paul and justin gray.
a do everything forward in vytas danelius.
a center who plays his size in eric williams
capable backups in taron downey and kyle visser, jamaal levy, and...

i want them to do a few things before i endorse them as my final four team. be crisp in the important aspects of the game. be a team that has its "game" but can do the essentials for victory.

but then, there are the things they do not do. one thing, really. it's reflected in the field goal defense-- they allow 47% shooting, (i can't find a link for defensive stats. what's up with that?) which is very very poor. and the problem is at the guards. two talented players who concern themselves with steals and running the floor. which makes for one of the nation's best offenses...

and too many open threes. too many drives to the basket. not enough of that harassment that makes for a good NCAA tournament team. still... with the right bracket i endorse them as final four material.


neverecho said...

i'm surprised you didn't call to gloat. anyway, i still heart lee melchionni :)

neverecho said...

oh, p.s. feel better!