Thursday, June 30, 2005

Water Advisory 6.30.05

From Crain's NY Business, a water advisory for NYC for the next 24 hours:

Water advisory issued for city

New York City’s health department issued a water advisory, citing potential problems with the city’s water processing following recent heavy rainstorms.

The health department recommended that boiled water be used for the next 24 hours by infants, the elderly, pregnant women and those residents with conditions that compromise their immune systems, such as those with HIV/AIDS.

The department said it found higher-than-normal levels of “particles” in the city’s drinking water that could “interfere with the water chlorination process.” The levels were observed at the Hillview reservoir, one of three reservoirs that provide drinking water for the city.
Yuppster. 6.30.05

so my dear friend has this great website, well, i think it's great. but she and i have discussed a little bit of how to get people looking at her site. it's mostly about cool things and accouterments one can pick up. you know, for the hipsters.

but how to get e-attention? serve up some ideas, people. what have you seen? what works? what gets your attention. and don't say tits. i already suggested that.
Because I Was Too Lazy To Post This Before

i've been lazy about posting. i am sitting in eben cripplefinger's house, waiting for one of his compatriots to join us. then we'll have breakfast and make our way to our second mets game in two days. because we're cool like that.

last weekend in a nutshell: good times, saw kandle before she left town,

missed holiday at the mermaid parade saturday. jill c tells me she had a microphone. her last mermaid before she goes to the upper left coast for liberalism, coffee, a master's degree, and her boy.

also saw the new pronographers/ stars in prospect park which was a great show. sat there with descha and friends of the morein-sense duo, matt, emma, and the infamous ari.

went to a lame karaoke place and met a quartet of ladies who remind me why half of the old wuniversity is lame. it was orna's bday and j-cappy was there with her friend alan, a reminder of why not to be straight before the next day's pride parade.

jetted out of that place with a kid named peter. we went to a rooftop, talked smack, invaded another rooftop party.

i went into the city and said hey to malfait.

went home. didn't sleep much. was in a haze on sunday.

Friday, June 24, 2005

congrats to the spurs. they sucked less than the pistons.

and best wishes to eben who has his finger cut open and metal pinned today.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

What The Hell? 6.23.05

At Eben Cripplefinger's, watching the NY Mets hold on by their fingernails to a 4-3 lead over the Philadelphia Sillies.

Just read:

The Supreme Court today backed the right of local governments to snatch lands/ property on the behalf of private developers, if the development promotes economic development.

The dissenter's view, from Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and taken from the NY Times:

"The specter of condemnation hangs over all property. Nothing is to prevent the state from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall, or any farm with a factory."

"Any property may now be taken for the benefit of another private property, but the fallout from this decision will not be random. The beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process, including large corporations and development firms.

"As for the victims," Justice O'Connor went on, "the government now has license to transfer property from those with fewer resources to those with more. The Founders cannot have intended this perverse result."

Supporting the dissnter's view: Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

kebop 6.22.05

yesterday was the longest day of the year. so, drinking ensued. funny how a lot of people have tuesday evening plans. but i had some company- gully/ nicky brooklyn, her friend cat, and friend douglas, mjunior, haylz, starla, marea, pixel and jamie, eben cripplefinger and his nurse nascar anna, rini, and victor who left early. all chillin in the back of DBA until we had to fill our stomachs.

today i was eben cripplefinger's hands for a VERY long trip to a doctor's office, where no one knew what mr cripplefinger had to do. good times.

cobble hill is much the same, but more park-slope-yuppie than before.

the mermaid parade is this saturday. it's holiday's last mermaid parde. who wants to come with me?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Eben's finger.
Southpaw Plus 6.20.05

Saturday was a camp meeting and finally a meeting of 3/4 of the secret helicopter society - myself, Niffer, and Rini. Niffer's building has a backyard and we sat on deck hairs, drinking wine and enjoying one of the last cool nights we would have, catching up.

We also went dancing at Southpaw and those two left me with Ali Pack, Rizzle, and friends. Cesar came, and Gully didn't go inside. Cesar agrees, Gully, you is a punk. Here are some pictures of Ali Pack and her people. Despite Ali Pack's assertion, I was not hard on the mack.

p.s. it's almost the first day of summer. we're all going out. on the 21st. the longest day of the year. the opening of summer. give me suggestions, there will be an email later.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Pico's Linguistic Profile:

55% General American English

30% Yankee

15% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

Airborne/ Fracture 6.17.05

A couple of days ago, Eben took a header on the Williamsburg Bridge, avoiding some dumbass who didn't understand "don't swerve" and "don't collide." As such, one hand is fractured and the other has a badly broken middle finger.

I would tell you all to call him with sympathies, thinking he'll not be able to use his middle finger. Eben would say "for design work" but I know his middle finger is used to express his "feelings." He informed me that he will have a large splint, and as such, he can express those feelings louder than before.

Echh, wish him well. But I am not offering to go over and wash his back.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Blog!

Thanks to the efforts of neverecho and mjr we have a sports blog, at check it out. add it to your links. make suggestions.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

MSN Advice Minute

Neverecho likes to poke at MSN's advice section. Here's one about a fella dating a woman who doesn't like to kiss. She considers it a violation of her personal space. I dated a woman who didn't like to kiss. After a while, I just assumed she was a hooker and moved on.
Returns 6.15.05

finally some weather that doesn't burn to the touch; and just in time for the return of my dear friend rini from the left coast (driving with sister gabi). i'm excited not only to have my friend back but to also get back the person who is my positive inspiration, the person for whom "can't" is mostly a joke.

expect events. like going to this saturday's Rub @ Southpaw.

last night i watched nbc's baby hit me one more time. the concept: washed up bands from the 80's and early 90's return to play half of their one hit and then play some of modern hits by ryan cabrera and los lonely boys and other acts i have not actually heard. and with the exception of arrested development, who still sounded as good as ever, the show was an embarrassing cavalcade of beer guts and thinning hair and tiffany's exposed rack. vote for me! i have boobies! i think you're alone now, tiff.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Place 6.14.05

after last wednesday i spent a few days trying to clean up my cough, get my voice back. friday was an important day, after all-- diana was holding a fundraiser for our camp kids, and i figured it's always good to have a person on hand who has been with the camp for a few years, in case people ask about it.

there was gargling and throat drops and sleep-inducing pills and hot nights wondering if i would ever be the same. but in this time, i thought back to the diplo show and something the rice-a-homie said which always rings true for the two of us. we're often in places where we feel uncomfortable, places where we can't get into the flow. spots that are too indie rock or too serious or too tooly. and this was a week of slipping in between the fences, re-finding where the pico fits. here's the tale.

friday comes around and i still rasp my words, clear my throat-- but i can be understood. in fact, i sounded kind of badass, a little method man- sounding. if gully wasn't right about the voice being "so over" then i could have given some ladies a late evening aural thrill.

i made it to the fundraiser early - it was held at a bar in upper midtown, and i was the first person on hand. good thing too, because a couple of people came before diana. one of them was a dumpy young lady who will be studying in a former soviet republic on a fulbright scholarship, and she is the crux of this post.

the whole evening i found myself surrounded by women and while that sounds great, it is hard to "pierce the veil" (more philopimpical wisdom from gully) when you are one of three guys. that is fine; i am not in a big "meet the trim" phase right now. more concerned with earning money and the camp and the future and becoming more positive.

the show and tell was good, the event raised money, and i got into many conversations about what people did. they all were high minded, public servants and non-profiteers, busy following their policy hearts into education and into going overseas and helping out poor countries--

and after a while i was like "enough already."

they talked almost like they're showing off. and in a sense they are; proving to me and everyone else that while they are not making money they are doing even better things, exclusive things. it's a conversational velvet rope. and like lana-p's friend-- and even some of our friends on a bad day-- the tendency to talk about the ills of the world serves not only to illuminate their audience but to prove how much they know, how far they have delved into their program area, how serious they are.

differences of style happens all the time. it's okay, it's interesting, it's illuminating. but ever so often, you realize you are not in your place, with people of a similar mindset. i'd rather do public service and not talk about it; i'd rather have more conversations about entertainment or about the person i am talking to, what makes them tick, what makes them happy. then again, their policy area is sometimes what makes a person tick.

perhaps i should be patient with people. but i'd rather be around folks who understand your sense of humor, who tell you about their work not as a flag but as a point of conversation/ interest.



after the fundraiser - i left after talking to margaret from the high school - i saw victor downtown, two sheets to the wind and having a piss of a time with his marvel comics friends. i was easily in step there, people i knew, and music i liked.

saturday i went to the north meadow to lana-p and her birthdaying friend jules. after dropping more coin than i remember on picnic supplies gully and i ended up in central and everyone was hella good people. the only problem was that after playing ultimate frisbee for the first time, i sweat right through a shirt--

and the rains came.

gully and i ran errands downtown- i picked up my camera i had left at the fundraiser thanks to diana. gully got his hair cut and looked for dijah's shoe store.

then to niffer's backyard; her roommate's brother was having a going-away party that was filled with fraternity boys and good eats.

then to some party on prospect with jill c/ ern/ holiday/ lisa/ garth n' elise. good to talk to ern, in town for one night only and then back to alabama.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

they came back from brazil... changed 6.8.05

- and last night i went to a dj night lana-p's friend linda put together at cuba libre below cafe del mar. it was cute. you should go. and bring your own fan to the basement. it's the new move. all the kids are doing it. you know you want to.

then joined arroz and samantha at rothko for an afterparty for the M.I.A. show-- she i have no love for-- where Diplo was playing. lana-p, sorry to say this...

but it was poppin', the absolute hotness. small place, a bunch of nerds dancing to music that started off questionable. but with the aid of magstar's sister ryanstar and her friend james, we faked it until the party was started.

we think the party was started by the cat in the white polo and the black symbol yankee hat who was clapping his hands in the air. after enthusiasm like that, how could the whole crowd NOT be houserockin', yeah? yeah. the best part of a show/ dance floor is when there are some tight honeys and i am more concerned with throwing down.

i was introduced to the baile funk/ favela booty bass arroz earlier in the evening. samantha and arroz and d sharma went to brazil to bring the basement bhangra funk to sao paolo, and they returned with brazilian booty bass that won't let you stop - the baile funk. arroz played tracks while we were waiting for panini sandwiches in soho after ba baracus aka concrete x had skipped out on us to rest. how a guy with such a pair of names is a psychiatry resident at NYU, i will never know. "i pity the foo' who with schizophrenia" just don't seem to work.

the downside of the baile funk- i didn't yell very much, but my throat was raw from the get go. i had throat drops and was in the process of getting over my cold. by the middle of the night i was having trouble swallowing and since then i have not been able to speak very much. which, by the way, sucks. it hurtss to swallow and it aches to cough. but it's getting better. i think i might have to go and see someone about this little problem if it continues. let's hope i get better. khadijah has the good advice for the raw of throat.
the updates. 6.8.05

the past few weeks in one post

- still gainfully unemployed. still looking.

- excited because the friends are returning.

- partied with party monster dave s, wrote with mjr before his hawaiian five-o adventure, celebrated haylz' job move into the profit world plus met her friend hope who inspired me to do the Nike sponsored Run Hit Wonder, saw gully and descha, saw silver get lornley on his birthday, actually saw lana-p who seems to have a boy entourage.

- got some new slang. "trim" for the female genitalia, thanks to peter; and "patio" as an aftermath of the term "deck" from pixel. there is an entry for patio... but not as cool as ours, where patio means cool. so, just like when the word of the day is "legs," spread the word.

- have had long discussions with molly about buffy the vampire slayerand angel.

- watched posha get married. it was hot, it was outdoors, the food was great but i over did the spice. that's what my tummy said the next day. damn, my stomach was pumpin' out material like tupac. i caught up with leah and dia and tulip and abe and ian and arif and hina, plus the bride and the groom. and somehow i ended up at a table with cami, who i met at sweatband kurt's kentucky derby party. cami works with a southern yankee named martha. and cami's brother and i laughed about dave brown's giants.