Wednesday, June 08, 2005

the updates. 6.8.05

the past few weeks in one post

- still gainfully unemployed. still looking.

- excited because the friends are returning.

- partied with party monster dave s, wrote with mjr before his hawaiian five-o adventure, celebrated haylz' job move into the profit world plus met her friend hope who inspired me to do the Nike sponsored Run Hit Wonder, saw gully and descha, saw silver get lornley on his birthday, actually saw lana-p who seems to have a boy entourage.

- got some new slang. "trim" for the female genitalia, thanks to peter; and "patio" as an aftermath of the term "deck" from pixel. there is an entry for patio... but not as cool as ours, where patio means cool. so, just like when the word of the day is "legs," spread the word.

- have had long discussions with molly about buffy the vampire slayerand angel.

- watched posha get married. it was hot, it was outdoors, the food was great but i over did the spice. that's what my tummy said the next day. damn, my stomach was pumpin' out material like tupac. i caught up with leah and dia and tulip and abe and ian and arif and hina, plus the bride and the groom. and somehow i ended up at a table with cami, who i met at sweatband kurt's kentucky derby party. cami works with a southern yankee named martha. and cami's brother and i laughed about dave brown's giants.

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