Wednesday, June 22, 2005

kebop 6.22.05

yesterday was the longest day of the year. so, drinking ensued. funny how a lot of people have tuesday evening plans. but i had some company- gully/ nicky brooklyn, her friend cat, and friend douglas, mjunior, haylz, starla, marea, pixel and jamie, eben cripplefinger and his nurse nascar anna, rini, and victor who left early. all chillin in the back of DBA until we had to fill our stomachs.

today i was eben cripplefinger's hands for a VERY long trip to a doctor's office, where no one knew what mr cripplefinger had to do. good times.

cobble hill is much the same, but more park-slope-yuppie than before.

the mermaid parade is this saturday. it's holiday's last mermaid parde. who wants to come with me?

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