Friday, June 17, 2005

Airborne/ Fracture 6.17.05

A couple of days ago, Eben took a header on the Williamsburg Bridge, avoiding some dumbass who didn't understand "don't swerve" and "don't collide." As such, one hand is fractured and the other has a badly broken middle finger.

I would tell you all to call him with sympathies, thinking he'll not be able to use his middle finger. Eben would say "for design work" but I know his middle finger is used to express his "feelings." He informed me that he will have a large splint, and as such, he can express those feelings louder than before.

Echh, wish him well. But I am not offering to go over and wash his back.

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eben said...

it was all a blur. i flew through the air, like pico getting hit by a car in his youth, it must have been 300 feet!

my finger