Thursday, June 30, 2005

Because I Was Too Lazy To Post This Before

i've been lazy about posting. i am sitting in eben cripplefinger's house, waiting for one of his compatriots to join us. then we'll have breakfast and make our way to our second mets game in two days. because we're cool like that.

last weekend in a nutshell: good times, saw kandle before she left town,

missed holiday at the mermaid parade saturday. jill c tells me she had a microphone. her last mermaid before she goes to the upper left coast for liberalism, coffee, a master's degree, and her boy.

also saw the new pronographers/ stars in prospect park which was a great show. sat there with descha and friends of the morein-sense duo, matt, emma, and the infamous ari.

went to a lame karaoke place and met a quartet of ladies who remind me why half of the old wuniversity is lame. it was orna's bday and j-cappy was there with her friend alan, a reminder of why not to be straight before the next day's pride parade.

jetted out of that place with a kid named peter. we went to a rooftop, talked smack, invaded another rooftop party.

i went into the city and said hey to malfait.

went home. didn't sleep much. was in a haze on sunday.

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