Wednesday, June 08, 2005

they came back from brazil... changed 6.8.05

- and last night i went to a dj night lana-p's friend linda put together at cuba libre below cafe del mar. it was cute. you should go. and bring your own fan to the basement. it's the new move. all the kids are doing it. you know you want to.

then joined arroz and samantha at rothko for an afterparty for the M.I.A. show-- she i have no love for-- where Diplo was playing. lana-p, sorry to say this...

but it was poppin', the absolute hotness. small place, a bunch of nerds dancing to music that started off questionable. but with the aid of magstar's sister ryanstar and her friend james, we faked it until the party was started.

we think the party was started by the cat in the white polo and the black symbol yankee hat who was clapping his hands in the air. after enthusiasm like that, how could the whole crowd NOT be houserockin', yeah? yeah. the best part of a show/ dance floor is when there are some tight honeys and i am more concerned with throwing down.

i was introduced to the baile funk/ favela booty bass arroz earlier in the evening. samantha and arroz and d sharma went to brazil to bring the basement bhangra funk to sao paolo, and they returned with brazilian booty bass that won't let you stop - the baile funk. arroz played tracks while we were waiting for panini sandwiches in soho after ba baracus aka concrete x had skipped out on us to rest. how a guy with such a pair of names is a psychiatry resident at NYU, i will never know. "i pity the foo' who with schizophrenia" just don't seem to work.

the downside of the baile funk- i didn't yell very much, but my throat was raw from the get go. i had throat drops and was in the process of getting over my cold. by the middle of the night i was having trouble swallowing and since then i have not been able to speak very much. which, by the way, sucks. it hurtss to swallow and it aches to cough. but it's getting better. i think i might have to go and see someone about this little problem if it continues. let's hope i get better. khadijah has the good advice for the raw of throat.

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sharma said...

my life would be so much easier if I liked baile funk....