Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Returns 6.15.05

finally some weather that doesn't burn to the touch; and just in time for the return of my dear friend rini from the left coast (driving with sister gabi). i'm excited not only to have my friend back but to also get back the person who is my positive inspiration, the person for whom "can't" is mostly a joke.

expect events. like going to this saturday's Rub @ Southpaw.

last night i watched nbc's baby hit me one more time. the concept: washed up bands from the 80's and early 90's return to play half of their one hit and then play some of modern hits by ryan cabrera and los lonely boys and other acts i have not actually heard. and with the exception of arrested development, who still sounded as good as ever, the show was an embarrassing cavalcade of beer guts and thinning hair and tiffany's exposed rack. vote for me! i have boobies! i think you're alone now, tiff.


neverecho said...

not related to this post, but i wanted to tell you that i love and adore my new mix and am looking forward to receiving it in the mail (hint, hint).

p.s. i didn't know you liked the concretes, too! or did you just put it on there b/c you were like "oh, that's definitely neverecho music". doesn't the singer remind you of hope sandoval?
p.p.s. what does Matt Pond's PA stand for? I've been wondering for months...

heathalouise said...

The "PA" is for Pennsylvania, I believe. They used to be based out of Philly.