Tuesday, March 01, 2005

things i learned this weekend: leave a conversation when you hear "you're too good to be true. you're sweet, well-mannered, and not trying to get into my pants."

as a result of such conversations your darling pico has begun to wonder if he is not a little damaged. coupled with some other conversations about lack of trust in people and pessimism, pico feels he needs a little time to himself.

also, pico's been off of his blog game, such as it were. no political rants, no talking about how 50 cent is kind of embarrassing with his crew getting shot at near/ in the the hot 97 studios, no black history month jokes, no comments aimed at the west side stadium boondoggle (schnapp, if you read this, feel free to make a smart ass comment about the linked new york times article). no comments about how my high school peers are writing for the nytimes (3 of them!) and two are rappers-- one whom i actually like and one whose mother i work with (and never knew about his rappin' styles).

so i will be back in a few days, maybe a week-- right before vegas happens.

until then, read about the mets' kris and anna benson. or, since she updated her site, have a longer look at ms. benson.


Anonymous said...

pessimism never does the soul good.

Anonymous said...

Sports columnists should never write about politics