Thursday, March 17, 2005

tourney time! 3.17.05

happy st pat's day

tournament day and i am moving sl-l-low. last night i caught some drinks with dijah and her friend bangabi (i think) and we made the crowd at cedar angry, what with the yelling at all.

thoughts for the day:

what exactly is the senate (or is it the house?) going to do with their steroid meetings? make roids more illegal? why so public?

speaking of public, way to go new york post, putting defensive end michael strahan on blast. and people wonder why barry bonds is so reclusive to the media.

tournament-- i think UNC might show well and i hate to say that. i am liking wisconsin, louisville, pacific, UAB, nc state, and UTEP to spring an upset. i gotta get gone, folks, more later.

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