Wednesday, March 02, 2005

i'm back like jay-z. 3.2.05

let me hear you say PI-CO! PI-CO!

i come back from my week's retirement, back from the accounting studio, armed with new links. i'm here to say to all you rap n***as reading my blog, y'all got to stop with this bussin' off shots and startin' beefs. yeah, you, 50 cent and "the game." mr game-- or should i call you "the?" this whole firing shots outside of hot 97, shooting in front of 50 cent's company? this is silly. the rest of the black people still feel like you're embarrassing us.

come on, fitty. come on, the. why don't y'all play pool instead? or kubb? it's swedish. go somewhere unique. have a ski-off. make humorous rival porno movies so your fans can comment in semi-understandable i-m english.

50 cent may be "over," but i don't want more t-shirts with his face on them, 5 or 6 albums of unreleased music with g-unit mates tony yayo and lloyd banks, murals, and women in southeast queens crying. end this garbage. we're tired of it. fitty-- aka curtis jackson-- you are not bulletproof. your SUV is. if you were, you would not have bullet holes and bullet scars.

okay, y'all got it? don't make me come up from my studies again.

p.s., everyone else, if you happen to be caught in a rap shootout, remember, don't say "what are you gonna do, shoot us?" they're not going to wise up and drop their weapons.

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neverecho said...

short week, huh?