Monday, March 21, 2005

interloper 3.21.05

sweet jesus i have a lot of homework. and spring break shark attack was awful. featuring the oc's shannon lucio's breasts. now that she's famous, will she ever come back to the oc?


i always believe that the difference between the republican and democratic philosophies is that the democrats want to use government to improve the lot of the people and republicans want to allow the market and individuals to make their own decisions.

yet we have a president who flies back on a sunday to sign a bill to restrict a man from pulling the plug on his wife who has been functionally dead for 15 years. this should be a question of who gets to execute her will in absentia, right? actually, come to think about it, i don't know what the precedent has been-- does a husband/ wife get to decide for their significant other?

i need to find new news to read. you can read some pertinent legal documents here. and here is the oc's shannon lucio. in a bikini.
shannon of spring break shark attack

i have been distracted by this year's ncaa tournament. which has been crazy. west virginia? nc state playing like i always thought they would? oklahoma state in trouble in every game? nuts!

best of all is that i finally got to cap off a weekend of watching basketball with eben and silver. they and i had lunch with megan and matt c and mjunior filled with wings, brews, ballin', and those wisconsin men and women next to us. i did think that one was cute. nice kids. eben, thanks for the gifts-- a basketball net and finger sleeves they wear in basketball.

best of all was the guy a table away from them. he was cheering hard for bucknell, like he reps the bisons. like he should have worn an orange jersey and stuck his thumbs in the armpits to better show the cameras that he went to bucknell. anyway, this mop haired fella sat across from two more socially adjusted friends, howling whenever bucknell did anything positive. we're pretty sure he had a bet of some sort on bucknell to cover the spread; this jackass was yelling at free throw shooters after the game was decided, and stood up to see if the last minute heave went in. we and the wisconsin fans clapped and stomped for wisconsin just to spite this tool.

he reminded me of the guy in vegas who asked me to watch his drink while he went to place a bet. "i'm gonna put some money on west virginia," he said, "so i have a reason to watch."

when that comes out of my mouth, slap the black off of me.

props to vermont and also to the senator and taso who drove down from boston, and to matt k who is whooping my ass like i stole something in every fantasy sport. also props to him and the bird-- your boys can swim! your boys can swim! you are a real man!


Pico said...

this blog needs so much more cheesecake.

Greg said...

Yours and mine both.