Monday, March 14, 2005

wedding plan: wednesday.

a few months back, neverecho approached me with a proposition. las vegas for emily's wedding, with the lodgings paid for, conveniently scheduled around spring break. neither of us had been in the bright lights and seamy aura of sin city. both of us are risk averse, both of us are eager to leave the east coast cold.

we planned to meet in LV around midday, assuming our flights took of as scheduled and our connecting flights did the same.

i spent monday night in the newniversity's library, polishing off some work i should have gotten to earlier, and trying to work on some fiction to take with me. i went home in the morning to find that rain was coming down and i though, hm, i didn't see this in the forecast.

the rain was a bad omen. i woke 3 hours later on tuesday to the howl of a wintry wind and blasting snow. that is never good for airplanes, of course. by evening, airports had delays and cancellations and i had worry. in the District, meanwhile, the snow had left for my northern climes, sitting on us like bitter punishment and leaving my tired ass up half the night on hold, trying to switch to a 4 pm flight from newark.

instead i was rebooked on an 9 pm flight, direct.

didn't sleep much. let echo know where i was. she, meanwhile, touched down, had lunch with emily, and something or other and this and that. i got to the airport with too much time to spare. watched college basketball. i enjoyed the simple broke-assedness of the delta/ song termnial, where i was inspired to actually use the term "ghetto" to describe it. i was happy not to be the people who were there since 6 am.

the flight left at 11 pm. i love waiting on three hours sleep each of three nights. the passengers clapped heartily when we got off the ground. i let echo know when i would come in, and hoped that i would be able to touch down and party at 5 am nyc time/ 2 am pacific.

after all, the city never sleeps.

the vegas airport was spacious and i got the tip to look for the airport shuttle vans. cheap and the driver chatted me up about UNLV sports. the bellagio was still lively, of course, and once i convinced the front desk that my first name and my middle name were the same person.

ate cold pizza. echo and the wedding party were tired of the ghost bar at the palms, so they came back. we drank at caramel in the bellagio. i couldn't tell hooker from not. the groom's name is dave and we talked basketball. he loves illadelph sports.

we're drunk so we drunk dial mjunior.

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neverecho said...

thanks, you just saved me all sorts of bloggin' time :)

um, i forget what else i was going to comment on except that i don't think we took any pictures of the food. we should have, it was yum. there were a few good pictures (and by "a few", i mean approximately 130). i'll post a few and send out the link for the rest tonight.