Saturday, March 19, 2005

bill self is the new roy williams.

the vermont game might be the best of the tournament. i knew mcnamara was off this year. he's playing himself right out of the NBA, like chris thomas of notre dame did.


marge said...

Oh, I miss my 'ickle Normy poos. I've tried to find a Normy replacement but they just don't get the Rick James talk here. When I explain, they look at me like I have mental problems, I mean jeez I'm not silver. I dunno know what I'm talking about.

mjunior said...
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mjunior said...

Last night we were watching the B.C./UW-M game next to a couple of Fighting Illini. They really enjoyed it when I started chanting "Where-is-Bill-Self?"

Also, what is up with B.C. fans??? They are just so obnoxious. Ok, so I have MA State-School bias, but I just can't ever root for them, despite my respect for Al Skinner. There was a whole table of them big B.C. jocky-frat boys (we need some cheesy term for that) just over-yelling at every possesion, making sure we all knew they were cool. Sen. Hath got on them because they were wearing Yankee's hats - f'n posers! It was fun to chant, "Bruce! - Pearl! Bruce! - Pearl!" Oh, next year's Commonwealth Classic (BC/UMass) will be sweet!