Monday, March 14, 2005

wedding plan: friday.

wake and breakfast buffet at the bellagio. the nascar fans were everywhere; there was a race on sunday and the bellagio was teeming in jean shorts, #3 shirts, and tucked shortsleeves. one of those bastards took the booth we were assigned to, though our ticket was there. so lesson to you kids-- get your coffee and orange juice from your server so no dumb couple with super cuts take your spot.

that aside, and after echo's near temper tantrum, that was the dopest buffet. blintzes, kid, blintzes. i wish my stomach was bigger.

the wedding was 3 pm; the bridesmaids, including echo, left early. i called the other brother at the wedding, curtis. we met for drinks by the sports book. he was playing video blackjack and the bartender told me that my drinks would be comped if i was playing. though risk averse i slid a ten spot in the game and chatted with curtis about his writing and webster u. while talking to the bartender about how sticky moving to vegas simply to make money can be, and about the well known bars in vegas curtis looks over. "i'm not gambling with you again." he's at 4 dollars left on his video blackjack game. i'm up at $42.

i printed out my high rolling lootcakes and moved on to the wedding.

it was a short ceremony and emily, who is beautiful to begin with, looked stunning. neither curtis nor i got many good pictures but some are decent. vows were exchanged and all 50 or so people strolled to the gaugin room. or maybe it was another painter. i don't know.

yes, i was in love with the piano player. he played tunes from norah jones and ben folds five and the isley brothers and my request for marvin gaye. he was a fine fellow who has toured with the bar-kays and enjoys living in vegas. for fun dave and emily left us with those twist-bottom confetti exploder things. we pop 'em off and mine go partly into the turkey option. the server poked fun at me and kept asking me to come over to take gold shiny paper from her area. the featured drink was sweet and the eats were excellent. i spent a good amount of time with emily's parents jim and linda, and with dave's uncle, talking about texas while he sat smoking a cigarette alone in the hallway.

we met upstairs for more drinks and a view from the 33rd floor with the newlyweds; then down to club light- myself, echo, chris, curtis, courtney. yes, in the bellagio. it wasn't bad but it's hard to meet people without a couple of women in tow to either make people want to dance near you or to make a fella look like less of a pariah.

famous person sighting: herman edwards. right in front of me on the bellagio floor. rock.

we went to sleep fairly early, but got a visitor who slept over. in the sad way, not in the slap it up, flip it, rub it down way.

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neverecho said...

pico forgot to mention the ridiculous amount of bodyguards in the club. it was crazy. and dave gambled with the guy who plays billy on six feet under on wed. you know, the guy with the grating voice.

also, that couple who stole our booth SUCKED. ;-)