Wednesday, March 23, 2005

backroom 3.23.05

somewhere between innovative and dorky lies this

after a fantasy baseball draft, i look over my squad. besides having a lot of red sox, i really don't have pitching. but i have david ortiz and albert pujols. i don't need 2 second basemen.

i contact mjunior. he is up for the umass basketball job but takes some time to think about the trade. he calls me while being chauffeured home.

let's meet up, he says. you don't have anything that i want but movie-fixer chris (the red sox of LA) wants ortiz, and david wells.

mjunior brings his laptop down and we set up in the town tavern, across from the west 4th street basketball cage. the fat black pussycat has a wireless network for free, apparently, and we pilfer their access. nuge. the bar is busy and cheap, geaorgetown is playing basketball in their ancient, high-school sized on-campus arena which seats about 20.

from there we work out the trade. i end up with pitching. and a first baseman i need to flip for someone else. mjunior gets adrian beltre to shore up his 3B position. chris gets ortiz and some pitching. once it is approved...

this is what the negotiations looked like.
anatomy of a trade

and because this blog needs more cheesecake, here is maria grazia cucinotta, of il postino and the world is not enough. she was a ten minute bond girl. you may remember the opening chase scene in venice with her trying to escape in a hot-air balloon.

maria grazia cucinotta 01


neverecho said...

dorky, yes. but innovative? ha.

mjunior said...

Wow, all hitting and no pitching. Sounds like the Red Sox I grew up with. And, I'm not sure Maria needed a hot air ballon. I think it just slowed her down.