Monday, March 14, 2005

wedding plan: saturday.

we couldn't pick a place to eat breakfast. we should have hit the brunch buffet. but while walking in the streets, we saw a pair of guys, one with his shirt off and the other with a drink in hand, slurring a conversation about abortion. a homeless fellow with his long hair ratty and crap on his pants, no underwear came down the walk talking and laughing to himself. then proceeded to put his face into the fountain at caesar's and all we saw of him was ass-up, legs in the air.

i knew i would miss the heat and the activity, the all night fever, the lights. but it was time to go home. after listening to a long bit on the growing vegas, less sin, more city. my plane back was on time but i got into an argument with a woman who was straight yapping her day away and not moving her backside into her seat. the crazy woman sitting next to me switched seats and i ended up with a window seat and a space. and outside, american cities were shimmering collections of light, strung together by interstates.

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