Monday, March 21, 2005

what i meant to say in the late saturday post 3.21.05

golly, what a keen birfday! gosh, even though i telephoned my pals a bit late, many of them came out! 23 skidoo! but they bought me alcohol, the devil's blood. icky! cripes, was i wobbly!

for reals, it was hot times. even though pixel and starla and haylz were not there. even though i didn't get lit and pop a cabbie in the nose. boy sammy, your joint takes the cake. you will have a prison bound mix made for you once i am done getting my ass kicked by my current assignments. marge, make fun of the guy.

i forgot to mention matt c was there. craig aka c-lo and tevika. elana showed up all curls and a smiles. the bar was ass-to-ass people and i went to the b-side bar down the block to relieve myself, where i ran into elana again. a-alike took lots of pictures, look at her site for a visual recap.

arroz drove me home and we had mcdonald's in his car. i ate like a drunken cro-mag. and it was strange to flip on elimidate and see this kid who is v. familiar then i remembered-- she was the wild kid danielle crawling on the floor. but she was eliminated in the first round. she was much better looking than the rest and looks good on television.

my throat hurts hard. here is myself, tevika, lana.

bday with tevika + lana-p

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