Wednesday, November 10, 2004

y not? 11.10.04

the procrastination is strong in this one.

while i should have been re-learning all sorts of analytical tools, and about cost management, i took a late run into manhattan,

where i ran into a computer lab to deliver copies,

and over to pianos to check out raycroft's friends in the band Y. while they are of the indie rock/ new wave sound that i am getting damned sick of the band was good. we got hushed in the middle of the show:

-(skinny woman puts her arm around me) excuse me, are [myself/ raycroft/ rachel/ elana] rock fans?
-*something incomprehensible* and the singer is a friend of mine.
-that's cool, we're just enjoying the--
-i'm sure he'd love you to listen.

and i would have told the women i'm too old for this "rock and roll respect" crap, but they were in their 30's, damned bitter rock and roll lifers. and no, raycroft is not my "babe," don't let anyone tell you different.

p.s. from the illadelph daily news: o canada, we secede to thee.

p.p.s. it's condeleeza rice cold out there, damn!


heathalouise said...

at least you didn't spend all of last night getting elbowed by a chain-smoking, 6'5, no-regard-for-personal-space, 40+ american music club fan while watching a band you've waited 10 years to reunite. and his gray-haired buddy was rocking the air guitar. i told mike i'd divorce him if he pulls shit like that at a show...

neverecho said...

oh, i feel your pain. my pet peeve at shows are the tall guys in black who stand in the middle of the bar pounding their fists up and down looking like tools. there were two at interpol last night.

hell, i bet that's what sebas does when he's at a rammstein show.

Pico said...

rammstein is too cool, come on. we're talking godsmack and days of the new. and the reconstituted quiet riot.

neverecho said...

rammstein are a bunch of racist pigs. americans don't get it b/c the lyrics are in german.