Tuesday, November 16, 2004

seriously... 11.16.04

can anyone tell me why all my posts are italicized? i can't figure out where i dropped an "< i >" tag incorrectly. but i don't have time to figure it out for a while... and also, i looked. like in spaceballs, "man, we ain't seen sh*t!"

thanks to silver and eben, enjoy peja drobnjak's sonics site. he was a center for the seattle supersonics and now for the atlanta hawks. and his site is hilarious. click on drobn-smack to hear him say "tonight, your uniform will be wet with the tears of sadness!"

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gulshan said...

It seems like you have an "< i >" tag when you started with ODB's lyrics, but you never closed it with a "< / i >" tag.