Tuesday, November 09, 2004

crosstown beef is like crosstown traffic: a compilation of a web "argument" 11.09.04

gully mentioned to me how much he dislikes internet beef. i think it's mostly silly myself, but i was excited when the previously mentioned sebas and "the general" mentioned me on their weblogs. aww, how sweet! it's not the love that my imaginary friends new top and que sera sera get, or the loser who stole a post from pixel and posted it as her own, but it's cute.

however, i do take issue with something the general said. here is a comment i left on sebas' blog:

"hey, sebas, have a go at commenting. it'd help if you were creative. and spelled "pseudo" right. how are you going to get your point across if you can't spell, and you always write drunk? try using "dirty sanchez" or "feltching" next time."

to which the general posts (read here).

funny, because i don't disagree with all of his politics. besides the spelling, the obnoxious gonzo style is tired, it's volume over substance. it's like an MTV VJ yelling about the good time they're having and the camera zooming in an out on some nubile teenager, but the crap they are playing is objectively limp music. i think he saw my comment on scarletpimp's site.

as for his commentary, well.

1. kerry, as i stated later in the post, wouldn't have the chance to be an activist president. especially in terms of his supreme court posts. with a republican majority in the senate, he couldn't get anything but a slightly liberal judge in there. that's obvious. i don't even know why people think kerry would be such a far left president. he was nominated by the Dem Committee because he was more of a centrist than Dean.

2. we in the populous "blue states" are the people who should be afraid. let's look at new york. after all, if you actually look at a map, or come to new york, queens is across the water from manhattan. not much water. on september 11th, no one could get around the area. people in brooklyn and queens were covered in falling ash for days. we WORK in manhattan. brooklyn touts being the 4th largest city in the nation at 2,465,326, queens is physically bigger and in terms of people, not far behind at 2.2 million (but we don't woof about it enough to have it published).

the airports are in queens. there are many brown people in queens. if there is another al qaeda attack in the states, maybe it will be somewhere different; but one never knows. we've got a 30 mile radius of densely populated suburbs, filled with people not just important to the US as people, but also the financial heart of the nation. as DC is the political heart of the nation.

ergo, much bigger target....

3. my imaginary friends are quite nice folks. but i can't find time to write on a saturday night. i do see people, i don't have a cat, i do eat lunch and write my blog, i don't watch the transformers (but i was thinking of making a starscream outfit for halloween. just to go "megatron! megatron!") darth vader? son, where do you get this stuff?


roger said...

I like little blog fights. This is fun.

marge said...

Shut up Roger.

marge said...

I think Sebas is some sort of genius: http://kickhisass.blogspot.com/2004/11/goodbye-shit-park.html

Scarlet Pimp said...

I wanted to thank you for the comment you posted on my blog last week, I would have written sooner but posting to your blog kept giving my computer an error, possible right wing conspiracy?

The general is an asshole. He and Sebas (what the hell does that mean anyway?) remind me of the O'Reilly's and Sean Hannitys of the world. They have that confrontational, down with liberal, progressive, "ovarian" people -style that imitates people that contort and make fun of those that don't agree with their narrow-minded view. They are so testicular. ( I am trying to use Sebas terminology but sadly I lack his ignorant flair. I also think he is slightly closeted because it is a lot easier to hate women and their ovaries than it is to love men and their testicles openly, but I digress.)

Good for you for sticking up for yourself, me and the other bloggers. I must respect anyone from Queens, because that's where I'm from. It's the borough of champions. Peace out.

Pico said...

i'd hope it's not a right wing conspiracy, i'm not even that political. welcome, scarlet-- sebas is short for sebastian. it is amazing that the "not all the facts" style (see: ann coulter's amazing ability to take quotes out of context, so the statement has little to do with the original intention) is strong.

i was always taught-- and this is by my methodist teacher growing up, and by some good midwestern professors-- that one should always look at all the facts, look and understand the other side of the argument, so you know you've got your facts straight or to better understand how to attack erroneous assertions.

however, don't insult the testicles! they're angry, reactionary, but don't link them with my junk/ equipment.

anyway, welcome, scarlet. keep writing and playa hatin'. my posts aren't all political so don't be disappointed.

p.s. brad pitt is from missouri (a little bit of the midwest vote, perhaps? he'd have to run for office in a couple of years just to get his feet wet), and kerry says that he plans on being vocal and active and looking towards 2008. i don't have a link.