Friday, November 05, 2004

why's it gotta be a poor rich thing? 11.05.04

damn, one more political comment.

watching this latino fella on a talk show. two good points:

1. again, bush voters feel that kerry said what each audience wanted to hear. he's a senator. that's what they do.

2. the idea of a volunteer draft is a funny thing. i've often thought that a major issue facing us is less of race and more of class. that the "back-door draft" idea is supported-- who joins ROTC, who joins the reserves? people looking for some extra money for school, on weekends. there are ample benefits to be had. as well there should be. these cats have their lives on the line.

but rich kids don't need these benefits. middle class kids don't need their benefits; they have their college loans paid off, a safety net through their parents and extended family. but scraping by is scraping by-- it's not having extra income to support your wayward 19 year old, not stellar college material son, the one who didn't attract the attention of schools with their SAT scores or social service commitment. and even some of those who do attract that attention can't pay for it.

hence, ROTC. the army reserve. it's great that they're doing it for the country. but bush and most senators (i believe one has a son in the army) don't have children there but are sending our troops out. my cousin is in iraq (again) and i hope she doesn't get killed. and i hope that the administration sits down, gets new cabinet members who think ahead, try to improve the world instead of making us scared. and stop intellectualizing and hiding the costs of war.

war is messy. but it's upsetting when it's close to you. and when your commander in chief is very eager to send people into harm's way-- with the idea that anyone will be showering our troops with gifts and hookers.

p.s. i promise to talk more about parties and the novel from here on out. nah, i'm pulling a WMD. you know, overestimating. read from the CIA, right here.


marge said...

Well in that case don't read this: Sorry, just spreading the word like Silver spreads joy; or his legs that time when we got high, oh it was funny at the time, kinda. I have pics.

neverecho said...

hey marge, how legit's that website? the article sounds a little conspiracy theory-ey (but if all that's really the case, then damn!!)

p.s. pico, the javascript in your previous post isn't working.

p.p.s. i wonder how many brown people are in the US military

marge said...

Abby, who Norm and I know sent it. But who knows what's what really, it's all same at the end of the day. Bush won, probably illegally but who'll stop him; the supreme court..? He plays golf with most of them.

You know, I feel bad enough about it (as do most Brits + Europeeps), but you guys have to live there for another four years. I really feel sorry for you guys, you now live in one of the most 'oppressive democracy's' in the world. Come to the UK, it might rain but at least you can whine about it without getting arrested.

Pico said...

abby's craaazy. and 'echo-- marge is hanging out with cindy, who we met over the summer? how hot is that?

neverecho said...

that's cool -- i love cindy, i had so much fun with her this summer! And she fixed my favorite earrings for me :-)

i feel like i'm the only person in the world who's never met marge...

marge said...

Trust me, you're better off for it; I mean look at Norm, the poor bastard's never been the same since.