Tuesday, November 02, 2004

already there. 11.02.04

6 am found me cursing the radio and the dark, wondering exactly why i was so dedicated to early voting, and what was on my radio. apparently it was this don imus fellow in the morning; i had never forgotten to reset my radio from a football game to news radio in the AM. but mr. imus is a bit of a kerry partisan, so it sets a good goal.

the polls were busy but not as hectic as they probably are in manhattan. everything moved smoothly, and it's kinda cold outside.

now i can't sleep but maybe i will take my lightly sore throat and my four hours of sleep and actually start my novel, hoping that what comes out doesn't belong in the turd pile.

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mjunior said...

I was there with you, my friend. I voted early and often! AirAmerica Radio is having a great time today! Got me all energitic to run to the polls. I punched in my support for the John Edwards/Theo Epstein ticket!

Oh, this just in: Mets making a play for Cabrera. Makes sense, he is Omar's guy!