Monday, November 29, 2004

Turkey Weekend 11.29.04

Mr. Raycroft:

Saturday night—good times with Silver and your friend Chris. I’m wierded out about people who went to school in the deep south but he’s cool. I do have to say I was a little perturbed by your friend Julie. Lovely, lovely young woman but I hate people who “young” me once they find out I am a few years younger than they are. I think I do it myself, and I now plan on stopping.


mjunior said...

Yeah, that sounds like Julie. She is funny. She can be a person that is really hard to read. One moment she lights up that huge smile of hers and then the next, she gives you a look that feels like she looks down at you. It look me a long time to realize that she even like me. Even though when you talk with her, she can seem a bit uncomfortable or awkward, it is just her demeanor - she has a heart of gold, and is a genuinely sweet person.

However, if you need a good lawyer, I have some names for you...ok, they may not be good, but they are cute! ;)

heathalouise said...

Hey! I went to school in the deep south. Granted, it was only for two years and I hated it. But I did. Does that make me a weirdo?

My big pet peeve is people who claim they're "old" when they're under 30. Stop your fucking whining. Save it til you're 70. Rant over.

Pico said...

my pet peeve: women. nuff said.

just joking. hetha, you went to school in an enclave in the deep south. athens is known to be a bit liberal, well, more than macon. not auburn, alabama. plus, you hated it!!