Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's Like A Break. 11.24.04

Who did the song “I want to know what you’re thinking/ tell me what’s on your mind/ I want to know what you’re thinking/ there are some things you can’t hide”?

Amuse yourself with chunky soup trivia.


heathalouise said...

Information Society, baby. "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)"

Pico said...

hetha, you rule!

as a side note, your boys (ja. brody + mr burmeister) have a heavy anti-kobe content going on in our fantasy league. it's like they take it personally. another aside-- did you watch law & order svu last night? a take-off on the kobe case starring shannyn sossamon and billy campbell and patricia kalember. good times.

Derek said...

and a quick addendum to note that the words "pure energy" in that song are said by leonard nimoy, aka mr spock.

neverecho said...

i'm bored and your link isn't working. i mean, i figured it out because i'm smart like that, but other dumber people might not.