Thursday, November 04, 2004

one more note. 11.04.04

i just spent half an hour while the OC is on talking with my cost management professor, who is right in the middle of the fence. and an economist. who pointed out something i have hated to admit-- while we were riding high as kites in the late '90's, bill clinton's SEC should have stepped in and done something about inflated IPO's and about Al Qaeda, who were attacking at the time (remember, the USS Cole). and perhaps would have left a better legacy. i disagree that he was the consummate chameleon but he did drift from side to side to make sure he was popular--

which is, in a sense, what a leader should do. but not what our modern leaders need to project.

i have no problem with bill, because i am a new yorker and it's true, we're fag-loving service-expecting city folks. which is different morally than some people; and we are often concerned with being magnanimous, with dialogue, with being intelligent and well thought out.

it's our country too. and in the next few years, as we make more balanced yet, as we make still-incendiary documentaries, as we try to pull the nation in general to a more leftist ideal, we have to temper our optimism and ideals with the idea that there are people out there who place high importance on moral value--

and we have to let them know that we do too.

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