Wednesday, November 10, 2004

updates 11.10.04

to the novel,

plus a new mix cd.

and when you're freaking out about your homework, putting together an event, and attempting to write on the side, hearing this:

It is clear to me that in light of the work already completed and the quick time frame that it was completed, that we will most definitely complete all three (3) of the projected desired outcomes, including number 3 (*******). We had initially discussed not completing them in we ran out of time, but that would not appear to be the case. Please note time frames for this in your workplan.

I have very specific hourly total requirements for what I understand from ****** as far as how many hours each of you must work on this project. I want to make sure that you all reach this goal.

from a project we are working on, a project where
*you have yet to agree on a work plan;
*when we have agreed on a degree of "as long as deadlines are met" autonomy;
*when we had previously agreed to not require specific in-office hours unless necessary;
*when we are well ahead of schedule;
*when this email is sent outside of protocol (to the whole group not just the assigned contact);
*when this email is an out-of-nowhere bitch slap on a project we're ahead of time,

makes a fella want to use the business end of a baseball bat in ways not intended by the manufacturer. damned micro-managers.


roger said...

Dude, Lay the smackdown on some B-School wanna be's!

Pico said...

that's the liasion for the company we're working for! geez. my group actually turns out to be tolerable...