Monday, November 01, 2004

it's already begun. 11.01.04

november 1st and i am consumed with doubt. my novel already feels corny and i have yet to write a word. i am stuck in hypotheticals and can't get myself to do. and not just with the novel, of course; i feel swamped in classes and in my internship and i have no idea how to categorize things to make them better.

this, my friends, is why i want to leave the city and live on a farm. upstate. with a tractor and a snow plow.

thinking that spelling it out in public would make me feel better, i started this post. didn't help. i'll take the rest of my time to announce two things:

1. the novel has started. check out pieces of it on this site.

2. i am hoping to have guest bloggers rant about... whichever. i've tapped arroz the rice-a-homie's sister, who i will refer to as kiri until she comes up with a cooler or dorkier handle.

3. saturday night i didn't make it out to many places-- getting around was slow. but i did hang out with ray ray and her sister sarah (say-say?) and their friend caroline at kash-money's gathering.

of interest to gully-- as we were ending our night on the confusing and loud corner at lafayette and houston, where the puck building's party was letting out noise and chaos, i ran into mariella. it was 4 in the morning (3 adjusted for daylight savings) and we went on a half hour trek in search of a gary party. he'd left but we made nice with the kids.



Greg said...

Just a progress report from me.

4 paragraphs, 332 words. And just about as much corn as in your hypotheticals. I guess this is what they mean by "write first, ask questions later." And silly me, I was actually going to buy a writing book...

Pico said...

what the- greag, you're in on this too? hot times. i haven't even made fun of the longhorns! and the worst college football game i've ever seen, right next to the first national championship game. damn. shutout by oklahoma? someone should get fired.

but in all seriousness, i will spit outy some words. perhaps at school, after "financial condition analysis of governments." yeah, that'll be inspiring.

gulshan said...

gary parties/gary chasing always leads to unexpected adventures... wish i couldve been there.