Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the internet is a wonderful and entertaining place to catch up with your friends, and make new buddies. but when some asscrack from georgia, some sarcastic and angry fucker, some guy who i think is trying to joke in that vice magazine sort of way, but isn't very funny, assaults your friend in commentary, that's not very nice. some of you know her, some of you don't, but hear me out.

take a moment out of your day. read this post and the rest of Sebas' blog (real name is apparently Sebastian Daskawicz-Davis and he goes to Georgia Tech, according to his shirt. he obviously does not get enough head. hence the anger at women and the puking.)

it is not right for a person to drop nasty commentary and not catch some shit back his way. so, marge, silver, eben, pixel, new top, brown boy, marla, annas, nate, raycroft, gully, et cetera, please look at his blog. laugh. maybe leave a mean comment. whatever the humorists' corollary to baby fat is, there's a lot to poke at. have a go at him. like his two friends do when he's drunk.

obviously he needs the attention. so maybe it's not even worth your time.

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