Saturday, January 29, 2005

whiskey ward. 1.29.05

oh, whiskey.

last night i walked out of my group project meeting a little angry, with an urge to hit someone in the knees. i was also hungry. and it was late in the evening, the sidewalks still flanked with snow, cold and breezy on the manhattan streets. i rode north with lana-p and decided instead of going home, i would head to silver's for a drink, or something.

i didn't have any better ideas and i wasn't trying to roll to brooklyn to descha's friend's dj-thing-- though it was cancelled.

so there are me, silver, 6 dumplings, and the bottle of jim beam silver had purchased.

you know this doesn't end sober. and then dijah and i are emailing, she calls, she comes down, she takes in some whiskey and she's right there at our level of bs and semi-philosophy. silver doesn't remember much of the night. blaming it on a reaction with the medicine. dude, we drank 2/3 a bottle of beam. or maybe only half, i don't know; it was a lot.

and dijah determined that the reason i go out on dates and nothing comes of them is that ladyfolk think i am gay, or at least, are not sure; it's the problem of being a well-spoken, smiling black man when women expect a thuuuuug, perhaps. i take that analysis with a grain of salt, but it's nothing i haven't heard before.

i feel much better now that i am at raycroft's, watching the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (bbc version) and drinking beers. and tonight, the silver-aires will take up a bar and drink some more, because that's the only way we can all get together!


marge said...

You're not gay you're just a prick. But I am impressed that you can shoot round corners. Hitchhikers' guide is excellent, I feel Marvin the depressed robot and silver we separated at birth.

neverecho said...

i saw the preview for the new movie version of hitchhiker's guide and knew what it was in the first 10 seconds ("don't panic"). does that make me a nerd? also, the obsession that you guys all have with the oc is kind of scaring me.

Pico said...

every good nerd knows hitchhiker's.

fiendish fanackapan said...

I am a very good nerd..when is the new/non-bbc one coming out?..or is it already out and I am not as good a nerd as I think?