Friday, January 21, 2005

lighthearted 1.21.05

last night's oc was awesome, if only for emanuelle chiriqui, the hottest woman in acting. i watched the lance bass (of n*sync) and joey fat-one in on the line just to watch her. i watched that movie three times. and now, she's on the oc? unfortunately she likely won't be in any "action"...

unlike marissa and girl-alex. what a flagrant, ham-fisted way to say "maybe marissa like women... at least just a little bit." the look was completely blatant, leering, and i loved every minute of it.

why is girl-alex hanging out with high schoolers? shouldn't she be hanging out with dirty silver lake rock and roll kids? why is there a rock club in newport, again?

but. i really dig on the thrills. more accurately i dig on their first album, "so much for the city." this new album is kin to the crap ratt came out with after "out of the cellar" (which had their big hit, round and round. vincent price video? yeah, you remember). after that, the band made awful songs about fashion models they were trying to screw, how hard it is to be a big rock star, and vague hints at hedonism. dear thrills, don't go down that road.

p.s. as an aside, i have class until 9.45 wednesday nights and don't get home in time to see law and order... how was the new ada?

p.p.s. since snowstorm 2005 is coming to the nyc area tomorrow (gully, sugar tits, if it's bad i ain't coming out) i may be inside and write out a couple of bits overheard on public transportation. word.


mjunior said...

L&O: I watched this one. I was surprised that I liked the new ADA. She is a sassy one - in a fun way. When she first showed up at the precinct, she was late and all soft and apologetic then drove a nice sarcastic stake through the heart of the public defender. It was funny. She has that Claire Kincade sidekick quality, but her vicious side is more visible, even though it is behind the smile. She could be Adam Schiff's daughter. You know, she is going to make Jack go, "Hot damn, girl!"

The O.C: I totally missed Emmanuelle! I came in to the ep. late. Where was she?? If you like her, you need to see "100 Girls". She plays "Patty, the Promiscuous Artsy Girl" It is one of those 'not very good, but I can't stop watching it" kinda films. Besides, her character says it all. She is kinda lovable-slutty. The kind you don't bring home to mama, but papa will give you a high five. Back to the OC, I cracked up at the obvious overtones laid out in the conclusion. Ok, you Fox bastards! You got me for another week! Hell, at this point, you might have me for "Point Pleasant" The show is scary, but not because it is suppose to be. 'Roswell' meets The Jersey Shore. That's f'n scary! Oh, BTW-the girl is actually 26 in real life. Guilt-free, boys!

mjunior said...
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neverecho said...

p.s. i meant to tell you that i felt the same way about the shins and the libertines, meaning i liked the first CDs much better than the 2nd. i'm making a mix cd for you this weekend while snowed in.