Friday, January 14, 2005

feelin' hella good. 1.14.05

stolen from schnapp.

in college, i walked up to mike dougherty and his then-girl amy-- the little blonde in art school, used to get drunk and then emotional and then bawl her eyes out all the time-- and went into a rant, as i often did. these rants were not political at all. mostly they were acting pieces where i would talk about how much i loved all the people around me. i thought they sounded tedious but people would love it when i went off. we were in st louis so it could have been boredom.

this time around, i got the kids talking about how i was walking around and spreading cheer throughout the party. so i declared myself cheer bear, to which they replied, "isn't there already a cheer bear?" so i told them i wanted a vodka bottle tattooed on my chest and some plush fur and they could call me party bear.

according to the quiz, i was wrong:

Raver Bear
Raver Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

p.s. thanks to nathan and j-fies for the late night drunk dial.


monkistan said...

i was nihilist bear. and also i got some drunk dials from fieser and nate. ooh, and a text message that i couldn't understand.

neverecho said...

i'm hooligan bear. Does that sound like me? i didn't think so.

nathan and jess don't love me as much as they love you guys.

Pico said...

it's because you don't live in new york.

neverecho said...

but i will. well or chicago. hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

i'm gay bear..."comfortable with yourself, even though most of the "regular" care bears think you're a deviant. eh, screww them. who needs 'em anyway, right? although grumpy bear is kinda cute....

i wonder what that means?


Pico said...

you're a deviant?! dani, i never knew. call me for some bear on bear action. as raver bear you know i'm a good time--