Friday, January 21, 2005

on the ball 1.21.05

some pictures from new years. click and enjoy. there are more that i haven't developed yet:

niffer and rini on the upper west.
niffer + rini

jaime and i.
the lovely jaime

the jersey girls in brooklyn.
jaime + rachel + elana

hoy tried to kill me with liquid fire.
hoy makes stiff drinks

haylz grabs junk.
haylz grabs the junk

silver and the kids from chi and dc.
guests + silver

elana welcomes 2005.
elana wears the year


Greg said...

Why is it that everyone else's parties seem more fun in pics like these than the ones I go to?

fieser said...

i love the 2005 glasses. they're the shizzle. i should have gotten a you're an oc fan...i was watching religiously until the cliffhanger last season...but it was just so cheesy and melodramatic that i had to bid farewell..i felt dirty after i was done watching it. i mean, where in the fuck did he think he was sailing to? and marissa drinks vodka like a wussy. please! but i'm dying to is the baby?

Pico said...

well, greg:

1. it was two parties.
2. the pics were carefully culled into a statement of joy and excitement (you don't get to see anna-lu and i arguing in the back).
3. curly hair. we have curly hair. and haylz.


what baby? you should watch the oc. it's still amusing. then you can drunk dial us and talk about the cohens.

mjunior said...

you and the Jaimster are cute.