Monday, January 31, 2005

bartender, put a cosmo in that girl hand 1.30.05

the above line is from the nas/ doug e fresh/ ludacris song, virgo

saturday night silver had a "i'm not getting fired" party at the ace bar. which i hope he remembers better than friday night. it was good times, everyone brought friends. i brought a few people i haven't seen in a while, and as paris hilton might say, "that's hot." all the people i need to catch up with, including victor and flor and soldati and g-ball, lori and holiday and jill c, grace and zo-co, silver's work friend jiby, starla/ haylz and their girls and joel, clavel was there with some friends but cut out early, gurney and golnar came late, kirby and anne also appeared.

now you know. i don't have pics, gully, but silver took some.


sunday i woke up. went to the current university (let's call it the newniversity) and took a swim, conveniently in time to see the basketball game between this institution and my undergrad school (let's call it the wuniversity, or the WU).

the men's team from the WU had beaten on the host men's team. i walked into the bleachers just before the women started, still sweating from swimming, a little haggard on my 4 hours of sleep. sat down, and a woman with a green and white name tag denoting her as alumni of the WU turns to me and said "i really enjoyed watching you play."

to which i replied, "uhm... i don't play basketball."

the game was pretty good; the WU women are tough as they've always been. yes, i have watched other games; when i was a senior, one of my orientation "campers" was the starting center on the WU team that won the Division III national championship; i watched a couple of games at her request.

plus there's something sexy about a woman taking a charge. if you catch my meaning.

it's good selfless basketball! i don't know what you were thinking, dirtball.

read a nytimes article on the newniversity women's win.


monkistan said...

you sure you didn't play for the wuniversity? um, you are the "atheltic" type.

Pico said...

people keep telling me that. i don't know why.