Thursday, January 13, 2005

The O.C. 1.13.05

kashmir, indeed.

i do believe our favorite show is running out of ideas, out of plots. and it's still enjoyable. i watched at home and i have to say:

lindsay. wow. great shirt. i appreciate it. glad you didn't change out of it before you came to study and of course were subsequently caught mostly out of said shit on top of shirtless ryan. word.

hetha: you spoke of a crush on sandy cohen and watching him sing to his lady at the bait shop (....) with a backing band of mediocrity, i think i have developed a crush too. a man crush. as in, don't wanna go out on a man-date with him. mandate is the word of the year. and sandy is much better than modest mouse.

but some logistical questions: when did sandy practice his vocal stylings? is there a newport listserv for cohen events? how come everyone ends up there and no one is excluded? like lindsay-- how did she find out about the anniversary party?

why is girl-alex so into seth?


mike said...

dude I totally made the mandate/man-date joke a half hour ago and suzun was not amuzed.

Pico said...

she's from the cape. they're... different down there...

neverecho said...

maybe you should put "well versed in all that is o.c. relations" in the additional info section of your resume.

heathalouise said...

Some (mainly bullshit) answers to your questions: Actually, I believe Seth called Lindsay Fauxhan to tell her about the party. (She mentioned it in passing. It was Seth, I think.) Sandy Cohen is what all men should aspire to (except, of course, the forgetting the 20th anniversary.) C'mon, he played Danny Zucco in UC Berkeley's production of "Grease." And, obviously, Alex is into Seth because she's trying to get to Marissa. (Why do I remember such dumbass tidbits about this show?)

Anonymous said...

when i saw linsday's shirt my first thought was "that's a lot of bra showing for a girl who wants a scholarship!" i don't know about you, but i always study in only my finest undergarments, especially when making out with my surrogate mother's half-sister.

i think sandy cohen must have vocal lessons during his weekly brow-grooming appointments. YEAH I'M SURE YOUR EYEBROWS ARE REALLY THAT SHAPE.