Thursday, January 13, 2005

Law and Order: the New Class 1.13.05

here is an interview with ms. elisabeth röhm, who is moving on to such stunning and career-making fare as "miss congeniality 2." i can't believe she doesn't know that angie harmon has been in a few movies. like agent cody banks. shut up, yo, it's a fun movie.

an aside: co-star hilary duff was subject to one of the more unnecessary celebrity jabs. one of pardon the interruption's (PTI for short) guests hosts answered a question by regular host tony kornheiser. so you know, PTI is a sports topic show.

i watched when guest host dan lebatard went on a little rant about how he saw all these people on the red carpet and he thought hilary duff was looking a little thick; he went on to say she was going to have a "fat future." now, some people in their teens have an obvious expansion that they will grow into. but that's flagrant to say on television about someone you don't know in a field you don't cover on a show about sports. and this guy was no prize, he was the middle aged fat of jim belushi and other male family sitcom stars. but that was flat rude. and sounds like something i would say. quietly. and i appreciate thick, because mischa barton looks like she could be blown away by the cali breeze. fifth from the top on this forum.

and a bio on the new ADA, Alexandra Borgia, played by Annie Parisse.

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