Sunday, January 23, 2005

green is good, steel plays bad. 1.23.05

andy reid raised the roof in the waning moments of last night's eagles victory! to jacksonville they go! as eben puts it, THE WAR BETWEEN THE CONFERENCES and yes, that is a civil war reference.

i love the drama before the winning coach is dunked in gatorade on a freeze your semen/ cryogenic storage cold kind of day day. and did freddie mitchell have a heavyweight title belt? one last thing-- i wanna holler like brian dawkins.


holy wow. that kid who sang the national anthem at the steelers game is serious. and she's like, 11?

at 6.49 left in the first quarter, brady throws 60 yards to branch to make the score 10-0. that is when i knew the patriots had their third superbowl in 4 years locked up.

so i can tell you this about the rest of the game: there is a lot of good tv on sundays. like unscripted.


mjunior said...

I was so mad. RCN sucks. Dylan and I started watching Unscripted from the premire, but when the clock struck 10, instead of getting our new favorite show, it was replaced by the everboring "One Moment Please. Channel up shortly" Well, that didn't happen. Funny, not only do I pay for cable, but I also pay for HBO - seperatly. If I can't get the pay channel when I want to watch the one show on that channel that has my interest right now, then why have it. So, I watched Numb3rs instead. Not bad at all. It is "Without a Trace/CSI meets "pi" but with heart.

Pico said...

Numb3ers is on CBS and uses a 3 in place of an e. And Unscripted had some serious sweetness, shots from "one Tree Hill," a 16 year old director, and the best white rap-freestyle scene ever. Krista Allen dropped a rhyme.

mjunior said...

Well, there is that. I must say, Numb3rs did not have the same scenery. Which makes me say, why is it that TNT can get me into "Without a Trace" and then never air it? I thought it was the overplay net? (This weekend on TNT, "That Julia Roberts movie" THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW!) I gotta say, I miss my Poppy.

And, speaking of Poppy, it's only 23 days till Spring Training! Big Papi, and Little Poppy. My life will be complete!