Thursday, January 06, 2005

people, just let it go. 1.06.05

MTV's real world signs on for five... more... seasons...

i like [don't open this link at work] college-aged smut as much as the next person, but the ridiculously titled and unnervingly contrived real world has to go. people watch, of course, but the train wreck relationships are so obvious from the beginning of each season, and the characters are so cognizant of their roles, they might as well be paid actors. well... they're not good actors. but the guys are hot and the girls have cleavage.

hence, five more seasons. they're shooting in austin, texas this time around? greg, start going to hip austin bars! get on the show!

hey, pixel, sixo, kids-- who was that moppy haired kid from the wuniversity who appeared in the chicago season when he went to visit the "intensely creative" cara jessica parker? i think he lived in lee also, your year, maybe?

p.s. the devil is in the details. now i have a ryan cabrera song in my head, trying to figure out what it is he does. knowledge truly is dangerous.


Greg said...

Actually, most Austinites are up in arms about the show coming to Austin. Some people are worried that this may even corrupt Austin's "charm" even more than it has in the last few years. It's funny, most people were okay with "Austin Stories." One person blogged about how all the talentless... er, unsigned bands are going to try and get their faces on the show somehow. I wouldn't be surprised if the "side job" involved music.

Actually, back in my youth (1997, to be exact) I did try out for the RW/RR franchise. Didn't get past the first cut, but a gal I went to church camp with (Elka from the Boston iteration) did go all the way.

Pico said...

wait, i thought austin was well over as the spot? i thought tuscon was hot. that's why i wanted to move there... i still think you should become, like, the austin longhorn. and play a very loud guitar! you'd def end up on the show.

and i love elka. she's kinda creepy. wasn't she, i dunno, a little horny for a church girl?

Greg said...

Didn't they have a Longhorn on "Return to NY"? And Tucson? Did I miss the latest "cool cities" list?

shashi said...

his name was Matt Barr... he was not so "intensively creative"